Human Logo Recognition API

Augmented human intelligence detect
and recognize logos in images or video

Human Logo Recognition API Human Logo Recognition API

Augmented-Intelligence Brand Logo Recognition API

Recognition accuracy surpasses human or artificial intelligence capabilities

With our human augmented API, you can generate ground truth data for your brand logo recognition projects or you can easily integrate the worlds most accurate logo recognition API into your apps or services providing greater than human level recognition to help you quickly bootstrap projects and ideas. With the help of our highly trained members and scalable processes you can be sure your demands will be met. We take pride in our optimized workflow combining the strenghts of three humans and two machine intelligences to achieve unsurpassed accuracy.

Human Logo Recognition API
Human Logo Recognition API
Human Logo Recognition API


Logo detection and recognition for those who are building the future

Human Logo Recognition API

Combining Humans and Machines to surpass the abilities of both

Human Logo Recognition API

Integrate the API into your existing workflows or systems

Human Logo Recognition API

Optimized multi-stage workflow using humans augmented by AI’s

Human Logo Recognition API
One Shot

Recognize your brand or logo by providing only one example


Annotated Bounding Boxes

Human Logo Recognition API

Each logo in an image or video is precisely annotated with its bounding box coordinates, its brand ID, and its logo version. The results can be used as ground-truth datasets or for building brand intelligence apps and services.

Download our sample dataset

Use Cases

Discover how our Logo Recognition API can work for you

For Developers

AI Augmented Humans can recognize logos in images and videos accurately enough to be used to generate training or testing datasets for machine learning or for the prototyping and bootstrapping of apps and services.

  • Train your machine learning models

    Create training data and ground truth datasets for machine learning models

  • Find product market fit

    With over 25,000 logos already recognized you can get your first customers and find product market fit with minimal expenditure

  • Quantitative Brand Intelligence

    Monitor trends over time to provide quantitative insights, such as how a marketing campaign is performing

  • Brand Intellectual Property Protection

    Protect a brand’s IP by spotting unauthorized, counterfeit or non-compliant logos online

For Brands

Learn how our logo recognition API can help you with your project by allowing you to drive mobile engagement which can be used to:

  • Nurture Customer Loyalty

    Use logo-scanning sales promotions to offer your customers discounts or coupons that help reward their loyalty

  • Improve Customer Experience

    Create positive, interactive experiences with your logos using gamification or even augmented reality

  • Increase Customer Interaction

    Logo-scanning apps get your products into the hands of your customers. Literally

  • Stay on top of what’s important

    Monitor your products, events and campaigns online

  • Don’t get caught out

    Protect your brand’s intellectual property online


Numbers we're proud of


Shot learning






Logo Versions


Combine our technology with your next big idea

Human Logo Recognition API


  • Up to
  • 100 images per month

  • Full Customer Support


Human Logo Recognition API


  • Up to
  • 100,000 images per month

  • Full Customer Support

4c per image + 4c per tag

Human Logo Recognition API


  • More than
  • 100,000 images per month

  • Full Customer Support


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Human Logo Recognition API

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Human Logo Recognition API

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Human Logo Recognition API

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Integrate our logo recognition API into projects to combine our technology with your next big idea.

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